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Impro has brought together an experienced, multi-disciplinary team united by the desire to make an impact across people and organizations, globally.

Core Values: TEACH

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These values are shared across our team, from leadership to coaches. They are values we also work to develop in our participants, as they are the foundation for continuous growth and lasting success.

Our Leadership Team

Opher Brayer

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Opher is a C-Level executive coach, systems thinker, former jazz musician, and education innovator – with hundreds of methodologies to his name. Early in his career, Opher was a trainee of thought leaders Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Jay Abraham.

 He trained in Systems Dynamics at MIT and in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Richard Bandler. Over the past 30 years, he has coached thousands on their way to realizing their potential both personally and professionally. Opher’s groundbreaking work in developing thinking algorithms that help youth and adults alike to elevate their thinking and performance led to him receiving the Tribeca Disruptive Innovator Award in 2018.

Josh Blair

Co-Founder and CEO

Josh knows that technology is most powerful when combined with human ingenuity to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Impro hits the sweet spot in this regard for Josh and leverages his business experience as well as his HR background. 

His other endeavours currently include serving as the Chair of TELUS International, the Vice Chair of Carebook and Partner at Esplanade Ventures.

Prior to 2020, Josh worked at TELUS for a quarter of a century, most recently as Group President but of note to Impro, he also spent 12 years as the company’s chief learning officer and subsequently its chief human resources officer. During this time, TELUS became the most prolific winner globally of the Association for Talent Development’s BEST award (14 wins through 2019) and in 2005, Josh was named the global learning leader of the year by Thomson NETg (now part of Skillsoft). In 2015, Josh received a Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Victoria (Bachelor’s of Engineering) in recognition of his professional achievements and community contributions. Josh is also a graduate of the Smith School of Business’ Executive Program at Queen’s University.

Eric Wong

Chief Commercial Officer

Eric has a lifelong passion and curiosity for the “fuzzy intersection of business strategy and people stuff”. Prior to joining Impro, Eric spent over a decade serving business and HR leaders with people-based business problems to solve.

He did this first as a Director at BTS with simulation-based training workshops, then as Co-Founder and Partner at Exember, which specializes in facilitating high-stakes business meetings. After 13 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eric is thrilled to be back in his hometown of Vancouver leading Impro’s sales, partnership, and marketing efforts. Eric has his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Maya Liberman

Co-Founder and VP of Project Management

Maya is a co-founder and leads all project management for Impro. Her responsibilities span all the things you would expect from a startup co-founder, including coding early versions of the application, overseeing all elements of early user testing, setting up internal processes and systems, and digital marketing.

Maya’s core job is ensuring progress of the Impro technology engine driven by user feedback, company strategy, and translation of Impro’s proprietary algorithms into the platform. Prior to co-founding Impro, Maya helped start Stages, a purpose-driven educational organization, and co-founded Quick Sites International, a successful web design agency. Maya has her Master’s Degree in Music from Tel Aviv University, and was a professional Cello player for over a decade.

Ido Paz

VP of Product

Ido is a builder, with experience across fintech, machine learning, IoT, education, and e-commerce. He combines UX design capabilities with a deep understanding of big data and data analytics.

Ido started as a software team lead at SAP responsible for MVP launch to American customers. 

He held product leadership roles of increasing seniority for technology companies in California, Israel and Germany. His most recent role was a senior product manager for Forter, a world leader in fraud detection for online retailers and marketplaces. Ido completed his Master’s degree with a thesis in AI and Machine Learning from Bar-Ilan University. Ido is responsible for the development of Impro’s go-to-market product.

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