Impro.AI - Improving people & organizations through micro-coaching

At Impro, we’re making personalized coaching and leadership development accessible in the workplace. Our SaaS micro-coaching solution empowers managers & employees with the necessary tools, knowledge, and guidance to reach their full potential — in as little as 5 minutes a day!

Impro’s SaaS platform enables leaders to understand and optimize their organization-wide behavioral patterns and implement new strategies that lead to measurable, personal growth and organizational transformation.

Impro is proud to work with some of the largest and most well-known brands from across North America, including TELUS, BGIS, Smart Technologies and Smartsheet. We are among the top Professional Development products across the world.

Why Join Impro?

This is what our customers are saying about us. 

“I feel that this program has helped me better use the very limited time I have. It was a small investment of time, easy to complete the exercises.” Operations Mgr, at TELUS

“Incredible to see the productivity gains one can realize with Impro’s targeted and focused interactions. The personalized approach for each member of our team has empowered everyone and at their own pace.” CEO, at SaaS start-up

“And every week, I get new benefits out of it! The way I interact with people on a day to day basis has improved dramatically. I feel like I make deeper, stronger connections instead of simply having surface level encounters.” Copywriter


Our core values – TEACH

We take our values seriously, and believe that they are foundational to delivering impact:

  • Team Players – We collaborate and work together as a team. There is no room at Impro for talented individuals who don’t work well with others.
  • Enthusiastic – Passion matters. We are enthusiastic about Impro, our work, and the impact we have on both individual lives and organizations.
  • Aspiring – We dream big. We are building a sustainable company that is different from others in how we deliver value, the impact we have, and the people we hire.
  • Creative – We face new challenges every day, so we need people who bring diverse opinions and ideas so we can continually innovate and solve problems together.
  • Humble – There is a humility and a curiosity to the way we work. We aren’t afraid to admit when we don’t know the answer, and recognize that everyone brings unique talents and skills.


Impro’s Commitment to Inclusion, Equity & Diversity

At Impro.AI, we embrace and encourage diversity, flexibility, and connectivity between team members at all levels. We value the perspectives, needs and contributions of all individuals in our workplace.

We listen. We empower. We value your uniqueness.