October 3, 2022

Micro-Influencers Meets Micro-Coaching: 12 Steps to Leadership Success

Impro.AI Micro-coaching Meets Micro-influencers

New Leaders of 2022 and Beyond

When you think about a successful market influencer, one of the first words that likely comes to mind is “engagement”. Whether on social media or different platforms, influencers triumph by maintaining a constantly elevated level of interaction with their audience.

This, ultimately, generates sky-high engagement – which, in turn, works as a springboard for tangible results, such as more website traffic and increased product sales. Understanding who, exactly, influencers are and what they do to achieve of all this should be a no-brainer for any organization leader looking to supercharge their skills and outcomes.

Keep reading our essential guide to learning how micro-influencers can inspire your leadership style.

What Influencers Do

Market influencers do exactly what the expression suggests: they have the confidence to influence their target audience to act in specific ways. These are as varied as the brands that influencers team up with, and can include anything from the simple purchase of a product to active participation in a cause or campaign to protect the environment.

What influencers do, however, is only one side of the story. The other, and potentially even more crucial, side has a lot more to do with how they influence their audience. They, in fact, act as Chief Influencer Officers in the business word.

How Influencers Strategize Their Communication

In order to gently persuade people to take some type of action, influencers follow specific strategies. These include, for example, the creation of high-quality content which then gets shared on their public platforms and has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands at the touch of a button.

Another strategy that influencers utilize is coming up with fun, interactive, and original ways to engage with their audience. These could be anything from live videos, Q&A sessions, product demos, quizzes, polls, challenges, and more.

It’s essential that influencers keep their strategies under constant review, which makes creative problem-solving an essential skill to possess.

How Influencers Overcome Challenges

When you look at successful influencers, you might be fooled into thinking that their path to success has been ultra-fast and smooth. Most influencers, however, deal with challenges on a regular basis, and must continue to re-assess their actions and review their strategies in order to overcome them.

Some of the main challenges they face are around engagement. Maintaining a consistently high level of interaction and engagement with a potentially ever-growing group of followers is no easy feat. Influencers can solve this by keeping a close eye on progress, launching new and compelling ways to communicate with their audience, and partnering with exciting brands.

Why Influencers Succeed

High engagement is at the heart of an influencer’s success. To achieve that, influencers produce content that is not just fun and pleasant to consume, but that also delivers real value and insights, and has the power to improve a person’s life.

Most successful influencers also opt for showing their more authentic, unfiltered sides. By putting their humanity on display, they appeal to a much larger group of people who seek validation, representation, and a more genuine, empathetic, emotional connection.

Transform Your Leaders into Powerful Influencers

Considering the pivotal role that market influencers play in our online and offline worlds, it’s easy to understand why organization leaders should take a leaf (or two) out of their book. The first step to take is to imagine that your teammates are, in fact, your audience.

As such, they will need to feel constantly seen, valued, appreciated, and stimulated in a myriad of ways. You can achieve this by using similar strategies to those of market influencers, including launching captivating content, gathering feedback, engaging with them through gamification, and continually improving your interactions.

If all this sounds too much to handle on your own, don’t worry – you don’t have to. We have the right, forward-thinking coaching tools to help you.

Learn from the Best, the Impro.AI Way

Impro.AI has developed a specific, affordable, 1:1 coaching program for leaders to get inspired by market influencers and succeed at meeting the most demanding targets, engaging all types of audiences, and keeping their teams motivated and productive.

Here is what you can expect if you join our 14-day, data based coaching program.

The 12 Steps to Leadership Success

1. Defining Success

It may sound simple, but the first essential step is to understand what success means to you and each of your teammates. This will help you shape a better strategy going forward.

2. Setting Realistic and Shareable Goals

Whatever goals you have in mind, make sure you follow the SMART approach. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

3. Identifying Improvement Areas

Improving thinking is essential, even for the most successful leader, and that’s why you must be able to identify what you can do better to achieve this.

4. Studying Successful Influencers

To guide your team as a market influencer, it’s important that you look closely at what the most successful influencers do. Study the type of content they create, look at how they engage their audience, and try to transfer that to your leadership style.

5. Creating Valuable Content

To create valuable content, it is essential that you have a content calendar to share with your team. Promote the content to your team members, evaluate the results of your content calendar, and make adjustments as needed.

6. Building Strong Team Relationships

Your team members will need to feel valued, listened to, and appreciated. This will help you to create solid relationships that foster both personal and professional success.

7. Encouraging Communication and Feedback

Knowing what your team is interested in is essential if you want to deliver content that truly speaks to them. You can do so by encouraging open communication and asking for regular feedback and suggestions.

8. Being Transparent about Goals and Expectations

It’s paramount that you always let your team members know what, exactly, your goals are and what they are expected to do in order for your entire team to achieve them.

9. Using Rewards and Penalties Judiciously

Try not to emphasize too much if a team member does or does not accomplish something. Praise is welcome, and you can offer it publicly, but remember not to criticize someone too strongly in front of their peers, or the entire team’s morale (and productivity) may suffer.

10. Keeping Your Team Updated

Remember: you and your team are in this together. This means that you can only achieve sustained success if you keep your team members in the loop on how things are progressing.

11. Celebrating Success Together

While you want to single out specific team members for their excellent work, it’s also important to create shared moments in which you celebrate success with your entire team. This can keep their satisfaction, engagement, and productivity high.

12. Learning from Mistakes

Managing through change is an art that you can learn and refine, and the first step is to stop fearing your mistakes. The vital action to take, in these cases, is trying to understand together what went wrong, why it did, and how you can prevent this from happening again.

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Are you ready to take your leadership style to the next level? Speak with a member of Impro.AI today, and find out how we can help your growing team through our data driven methodology and daily coaching programs.

Begin to influence how you and your leadership team can transform to work better, smarter, and more efficiently, by focusing on what matters most.

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