June 21, 2022

Impro.AI announces closing of fully-subscribed C$2.25M seed round

Performance-Tech start-up, Impro.AI (“Impro”), is pleased to announce the fully-subscribed closing of its seed financing round. Impro’s platform enables executives, leaders and all employees to manage with clarity through an integrated and data-driven coaching, mentoring and consulting solution. Leaders and employees adopt new work habits using Impro’s 5 minute per day, micro-coaching app while executives optimize their company’s overall performance leveraging the organization-wide insights provided by the Impro platform.
The C$2.25M seed round was led by the combination of Panache Ventures, Good New Ventures and EEI. Impro will put the funds to work by amplifying their R&D work across platform, AI and methodology development as well as by further expanding their global footprint of corporate clients that already extends across North America and Europe.
Impro is also pleased to benefit from the backing of some stellar angel investors who are also active advisors to the company’s founder team of Josh Blair, Opher Brayer and Maya Liberman. They include:

  • Dr. Sheldon Elman, Chairman at Esplanade Ventures
  • Stuart M. Elman, Managing Partner at Persistence Capital Partners
  • Irfhan Rawji, Managing Partner at Relay Ventures
  • Rich Osborn, Managing Partner at RecapHealth Ventures
  • Blayke Hale, Managing Partner at BC Growth Equity
  • Rasool Rayani, Venture Partner at Inovia Capital
  • Jason Smith, CEO at Klue
  • Ryan Benn, CEO at Alive Publishing Group
  • François-Pierre Chevalier, past Co-President at Bio-K+ International


“The successful and full closing of our seed round, in a challenging fundraising environment, is a testament to the commercial traction that our Impro team has achieved to date as well as our compelling vision for the future.” – Josh Blair, Co-Founder & CEO, Impro
“More than ever, executives need deep insights that they can action in regards to their organizational behaviors, strengths, weaknesses and misalignments. Our systemic approach across consulting, coaching, mentoring and training is perfectly positioned to help.” – Opher Brayer, Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer, Impro
“We will soon complement our in-market, data-driven consulting and coaching services with our mentoring platform that corporations can deploy in order to radically expand the reach of one-to-one business mentorship within their workforce.” – Maya Liberman, Co-founder & COO, Impro
“We have been very impressed by the level of professional and personal growth that managers and employees experience through the Impro platform. They see rapid improvements via just a few minutes of daily interaction with Impro, and companies benefit from increased overall team engagement and performance.” – Patrick Lor, Managing  artner, Panache Ventures
“We are proud to be backing such a strong founder team at Impro, including Josh Blair with his proven track record at TELUS and Opher Brayer and Maya Liberman with their past start-up success.” – Mohan Markandaier, Managing Partner, Good News Ventures
“In good times or in bad, the executives who action data-driven insights will win. Impro’s ability to enable these executives is what impresses us the most.” – Oded Levi, President, Epstein Enterprises Inc. (EEI)

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