Tap Into the 3 Key Drivers of Success


Team members operate at their peak, providing maximum value to the company


Team members keep calm when things change, pivot quickly, and excel despite ambiguity


Team members constantly find outside-the-box solutions to common and unique problems

Our Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Officer, Opher Brayer, On the Science of Success

Cultivate Success Daily:
The EINSTEIN Framework

Establish Expectations

Before we begin working with your team, we meet with you to identify your goals, challenges, and needs. Everyone is different, and Impro coaching is tailored to the individual. 

But if you as the leader have a specific outcome in mind (e.g. removing silos to increase collaboration), we will use this as our North Star to measure success across the entire team.

Implement Accordingly

Now that we know your objective, we develop our overall coaching strategy with this ideal outcome as our overall priority.

Narrow Down Goals

Coaches meet with each participant individually. We assess their strengths, weaknesses, and key personality traits.

This initial meeting gives the coach a powerful foundation. The sooner we identify each team member’s short-term needs and long-term goals, the faster we can get results.

Scratch the Itch

All habits take time to develop, and that includes daily coaching. We want to ensure your team members are engaged right from the beginning. 

So we start with exercises that help the participant discover powerful insights about themselves almost immediately. These breakthrough “aha” moments get your team members excited about coaching, and committed to the process.

Travel Deeper

Once the participant is engaged, we take advantage of the momentum. Questions get tougher, participants are forced to think in more unique and unconventional ways. Breakthroughs are more intense, and growth becomes exponential. 

And still, it takes just 5 minutes a day.

Inside Impro, coaches provide exercises, share short videos, and send audio clips. All of which encourage the participant to reflect and take action each day.

Exercise Daily

Think of coaching like exercise. If you work out once a week, it’s almost impossible to see real results.

To hit your goals, you need to work out daily.

The same goes for developing your mind. Daily exercise is a MUST if you want lasting improvements. 

Small improvements each day add up significantly over time. And most important, by exercising daily, participants develop lasting success habits. 

Investigate Progress

The best results come when progress is measured. Instead of relying on anecdotes, coaches regularly check in with participants to ensure they are meeting their goals in the short, medium, and long term. 

This is also an opportunity to pivot. Many times, our goals change, and we don’t even realize it. Progress check-ins ensure the participant gets the most out of coaching by understanding how far they’ve already come.

Similarly, our team shares progress updates with you as the business leader, and we work to identify your new needs and goals.

Never Get Complacent

When we get complacent, we stop exploring. We stop creating. We stop growing. Complacency makes organizations plateau.

Impro coaching sessions constantly change. They are always evolving based on the participant’s growth. The participant is never given a chance to get complacent, so they’re forced to keep improving and thereby, continuously amplify their impact.