Our Methods And Results
Are Rooted In Science

The greatest wisdom comes from internalizing the simplest concepts.

We have spent years applying decades of behavioral science in order to help participants do just that.

Each Impro session nudges participants closer to internalizing the concepts and skills they need to excel in their positions.

This includes, but is not limited to:

To create deep reflection from the participant,
we ask questions that

To push the participant outside of their
comfort zone, our exercises are designed to

While this may sound simplistic on paper, in practice the results are telling. The Impro Methodology has been developed over many years, after quantifying thousands of Episodes’ worth of anecdotal data, identifying patterns, and optimizing repeatedly.

Anna Vitale

Chief Client Officer, Growthink

My energy level and engagement at work have increased since working with Impro! I now have more confidence in my abilities as a manager and feel more empowered to meet my teammates where they are to get better company results.

Craig McLaughlin

Operations Director, TELUS

I have personally found great value in working with impro. The techniques have enabled me to focus on real, tangible personal development opportunities. Daily interactions are short, simple and targeted, and the coach’s insights are enlightening. 

Sohail Chatur

The Agora

Sohail Chatur

Copywriter, The Agora

The way I interact with people on a day to day basis has improved dramatically. I feel like I make deeper stronger connections instead of simply having surface level encounters. After almost a year of using Impro, I’m still finding new discoveries that improve my performance.

Internal Realizations vs.
External Instruction

Ask hard questions

Reflect on actions and intentions

Discover key insights

Human beings always place higher value on the conclusions they come to on their own. 

Therefore, the entire Impro Methodology is crafted around leading participants to self-coach – as opposed to having a coach tell them what the lesson is supposed to be.

Because Impro stimulates participants’ own desire to take action, their effort and output are both increased because they have tapped into their own internal drivers.

Text-Based = Distraction-Free

Conversations are complicated. Tone, body language, and dozens of other factors influence our perspectives in

a face-to-face conversation. While we all need this level of human interaction in our daily lives, at Impro we believe it actually hinders our coaching process.

That’s why, after the initial kick-off call, Impro sessions are almost completely text-based. By eliminating long-form conversations, we eliminate distractions.

Straight to the Point

We force participants to head straight to the root of their issues, and identify the strongest solutions. Why don’t we do this in a traditional 60-minute conversation? Because we don’t need it. By asking the right questions, we get the same results in 5 minutes a day. And instead of generating powerful insights a couple times a month, our approach allows participants to do it every single day.