Case Study

Accelerated Growth

Improving results with efficient Micro-Coaching

High Tech
50 employees
Executive to Frontline Management


MarkiTech's leadership turbo-charged growth by identifying impactful KPIs

They then worked with Impro to realize revenue growth of 50% in year 1 and 100% in year 2, a 10% increase in employee engagement, and the building of an independent incubator company.

Financial Growth

MarkiTech needed more focus on key metrics, which slowed progress. Impro helped them break down revenue growth into smaller KPIs, increase the focus on them, and achieve accelerated results. Impro helped MarkiTech:

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Diversify its revenue sources

As one customer was producing the primary source of revenue, a diversified revenue plan was crucial for growth and risk mitigation. Focusing on expansion into the US, MarkiTech reduced revenue from 95% from a single customer to 80%.


Grow key customer accounts

MarkiTech worked to increase investment from its largest customer, a KPI which contributed significantly to overall revenue growth. The KPI achieved was doubled revenue from this customer.

Increase partnerships

MarkiTech implemented plans for a partnership to diversify and scale their sales system. This saved costs and rapidly expanded their reach into new markets. Negotiations and nurturing were accelerated, yielding significant revenue from the large partner relationship.

Employee Experience

Increase in Employee Engagement

Impro helped MarkiTech increase employee engagement from 80% to 90%, as shown through their Annual Employee Survey. As a startup, issues such as burnout, fatigue, and a lack of engagement impacted the ability for MarkiTech to rapidly grow and scale their business due to workforce disruption. MarkiTech employees directly attributed the guidance they received from their Impro coaches to the increase in their work confidence and motivation, contributing to an increase in their score and a decrease in disruption to goal attainment.

Startup Incubation

Through their work with Impro, MarkiTech’s management identified an innovative concept that was ripe for success but better suited for an independent company rather than a business division within MarkiTech. The split focus caused stress and slowed progress in key growth areas.

The decision was made to create an independent company under the umbrella of MarkiTech for optimal efficiency within MarkiTech’s core business, as well as for the success of the innovative business unit. Creating incubators as independent businesses is now part of their long-term growth and risk management strategy.


Outcomes of successfull collaboration

Revenue Growth

Increase Engagement

Diversified Long-term Growth

Created two independent arms of MarkiTech – a focused core business and an independent company whose purpose is to incubate new startups

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