Anything BUT Your Typical Coaches

​​At Impro, we believe coaches are made, not born. To that point, Impro Coaches are industry experts with decades of experience in their respective fields who have a passion for helping others.

Diversity is our strength here, as all our coaches have different backgrounds. Impro Coaches can help a wide variety of participants with a wide variety of goals. Impro Coaches consult one another to ensure participants get the best tools for their specific situations.
With such a range of perspectives, the prospect of groupthink is almost nonexistent. This allows participants AND coaches to constantly grow.

Our Master Coaches

As industry experts, each of our Master Coaches has much to offer – not just on a per-participant basis, but at a systemic level too. Which is why, each of our Master Coaches work with Opher Brayer, our Chief Scientific Officer, on constantly refining and improving our methodology.

Opher Brayer

Chief Scientist & Master Coach

Opher is a C-Level executive coach, systems thinker, former jazz musician, and education innovator – with hundreds of methodologies to his name. Early in his career, Opher was a trainee of thought leaders Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Jay Abraham.

He trained in Systems Dynamics at MIT and in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Richard Bandler. Over the past 30 years, he has coached thousands on their way to realizing their potential both personally and professionally. Opher’s groundbreaking work in developing thinking algorithms that help youth and adults alike to elevate their thinking and performance led to him receiving the Tribeca Disruptive Innovator Award in 2018.

Christiane Martin

Head of Coaching Operations & Master Coach

Christiane is a definitive systems thinker. She has spent decades working as a geophysicist in energy companies, making systematic, data-based decisions.

Her experience has helped her develop her own unique, data-based methodologies and technical processes. Christiane is exceptional at breaking down cross-functional walls and providing leadership-by-example to all team members.

Christiane has an otherworldly talent for identifying patterns: as a leader, a mentor, and as a developer of methodologies, Christiane consistently uses pattern recognition to find innovative solutions, whether she’s designing a complex process or helping a participant come to a breakthrough personal insight.

In her spare time, Christiane is an avid gardener and entrepreneur. She has almost two decades’ experience running a landscape design consulting firm in addition to her more traditional corporate roles.

Vic Menon

Master Coach

After receiving his Bachelor of Science from Stanford University and MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Vic went on to a winding career which combined his passions, skill sets, and education. As someone with a clear interest in both biology AND the business world, Vic has held various high-ranking marketing positions in multiple life sciences companies. After almost 2 decades working with startups and life sciences companies, Vic shifted his career path in order to focus on giving back. For the last 15 years, Vic has been diligently helping to grow the Career Management Center (CMC) at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. During Vic’s tenure, the CMC more than doubled in size. As the CMC’s program manager, Vic had numerous high-level responsibilities, yet he always found the time to assist individual students, because that is where he felt he could make the greatest impact. Vic brings that same philosophy to Impro: as a Master Coach, he is responsible for programming and refining our methodology. Yet Vic still cares deeply about every participant he works with on a daily basis.

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